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About Us

We are collection optimisation specialists, using big data, machine learning and cloud computing to help clients collect their debtors’ book in a smarter way. We believe data science is for everyone, not just for the analytical elite or those that 'have better data’. Here’s to getting back in the game.

Collection Optimisation

OptiCollect is our cloud-based collections platform that provides clients the ability to calculate the best-cost-route to collect and creates the right collection instruction to the bank automatically. We handle the submission to your bank on your behalf and post the results back to your debtors system.

Collection Channel Strategy

We assist clients in formulating an optimal collection channel strategy that is entirely fact-based. Our expertise combined with a data science approach to the behavioural patterns of your unique debtors book, will assist you in crafting the right mix of collection channels, both traditional and alternative.


If you are an enterprise with a large and complex subscriber, policy or debtor base which are in need of collection optimisation, you can benefit from enhanced returns on collection spend by digitising your process and leveraging with the latest in data science technology without the need to appoint a full data science team.

We provide all the tools to optimise your collections whilst providing you with industry experts to ensure you stay on top of your collection rates.

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